Summer 08

A Great Day at Lucky #7!</big></big></big> <br>
It was the hottest day ever, but tons of fun nonetheless! Live music, craft workshops, a craft library & lounge and tons of fantastic crafts! Thanks to all of our awesome vendors, musicians, sponsors, volunteers, friends and attendees for braving the abnormal heat. We had a great turnout and ran out of our 500 swag bags in the first hour and a half. Pictures of the event are <a href=””>here</a&gt; and our <a href=”″>vendor list</a> will stay posted until August 1st … enjoy what others have to say about ICE:
* <a href=””>97 days to play: Day 13</a><br>
* <a href=””>5 things to do: Saturday</a><br>
* <a href=””>Indie Craft Experience 08</a><br>
* <a href=””>ICE Wrapup! (In which I link. A lot.)</a><br>
* <a href=””>I.C.E. was a hit!</a><br>
* <a href=””>sweatin to the indies</a><br>
* <a href=””>what a weekend!</a><br>
* <a href=”″>Weekend Craft Events Recaps – ICE in Atlanta and Lotta Prints in SF</a><br>
* <a href=””>Great Show!</a><br>
* <a href=””>So Hot at ICE</a><br>
* <a href=””>Tootsie Pop</a><br>
* <a href=””>San Francisco – Day 6 (and Present-Day Shenanigans)</a><br>
* <a href=””>hot. as. fire.</a><br>
* <a href=””>Welcome To Hotlanta</a><br>
* <a href=””>Yasha Butler Ceramics</a><br>
* <a href=””>ICE Atlanta</a><br>
* <a href=””>ICE!!!</a><br>
* <a href=”″>New Books on Etsy</a><br>


<center><a href=”; title=”Centennial Olympic Park – you’re so pretty!  by Indie Craft Experience, on Flickr”><img src=”; width=”375″ height=”500″ alt=”Centennial Olympic Park – you’re so pretty! ” /></a></center>
<center><a href=”; title=”ICE Lucky #7 – June 2008 by Indie Craft Experience, on Flickr”><img src=”; width=”375″ height=”500″ alt=”ICE Lucky #7 – June 2008″ /></a></center>



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