Attention ATLiens, your neighborhood represent!

As an ATL native I’ve always maintained that the city’s intown neighborhoods are what make Atlanta great. I’ve felt pride about my neighborhood (Decatur, Oakhurst, Poncey-Highland and now East Atlanta) and have seriously ingrained boundaries in my mind over where one neighborhood stops and another starts. I’ll debate you. Watch out. (I will not debate you on the topics of politics, religion or anything sports related, but Atlanta neighborhood boundaries…I’m all over it.)

Luckily two of our Holiday Shopping Spectacular vendors are all about the Atlanta neighborhood represent: Concrete Lace and Mama.

Here is a letterpress card by Concrete Lace depicting Decatur (where it all began for me).
ICE Vendor: Concrete Lace

This is soap by Mama showing my current home of East Atlanta (yay, mortgage!).
ICE Vendor - Mama

Mark your calendars for the Indie Craft Experience Holiday Shopping Spectacular to see what other neighborhoods Concrete Lace and Mama have for you.


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