Creative Mornings


On Friday, I attended Creative Mornings at the High Museum. Creative Mornings is a monthly speaker series. It doesn’t always work for my schedule and sometimes it feel like a hassle to change my schedule around to fit it in, but when I do get to go I’m always so happy I made it! For starters, there is always coffee from Octane and a selection of baked goods from The Little Tart Bakeshop. Second, I always run into favorite peeps, like Lillian and Zano from Criminal Records. And finally, there’s always a take away from the talk.

This month the speaker was Smith Hanes, who has designed many wonderful restaurant spaces in Atlanta, like The Optimist and No. 246. Hanes talked about his design process. He create background stories for each project, which I love. He pulls together tons of inspirational images for each project and suggested using Pinterest and Tumblr as tools for this. They create a central place to pull ideas together and also serve as a way to promote and build interest throughout the project. Finally, he said to be obsessive with details. That’s what makes a project really stand out.



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