Cocoa Snafu: Two Recipes for You


As the last hours of my holiday break were dwindling, and I teetered upon the yawning edge of my New Year’s Resolution—I decided to try out a new hot cocoa recipe.

If I’m flushing my body of sweets indefinitely, shouldn’t I go out with a bang?

I tried this recipe for homemade Italian-style hot cocoa (Cioccolata Calda) by Doughmesstic. I didn’t have a whisk or milk, and ended up substituting each with a fork and Almond Silk, respectively. The result was a brownie-batter-pudding mess that I forced myself to finish in forkfuls if only to cure myself of the desire for chocolate for a while. It was so rich that I just might get a few extra days of disgust in before the cravings return!

Please try out the recipe with real milk and a whisk and tell me how it tastes! But don’t torture me, by that point I’ll be off chocolate.

If you want a recipe that I have had actual success with, I offer you Mrs. Happy Homemaker’s slow cooker cocoa recipe. I made it last Christmas for a gingerbread party and it was a real crowd pleaser. I recommend substituting milk chocolate for semi-sweet chips so that no one goes into insulin shock. For additional fun, add Peppermint Schnapps!
– Rachel Eleanor

Links: Cioccolato Calda, Slow Cooker Cocoa

Listening to: Le festin by Camille


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