Making your calendar work for you

ImageMy favorite way to start the new year is with a fresh calendar. A clean slate to fill with new adventures and experiences. A good calendar also keeps me in line and focused. I know what’s coming down the line in future months. In the past, I have tried to cram my entire life into a single calendar. I thought it would be easier to have everything in one place. The results were a cluttered mess. Now I use 3 calendars, one for work and creative pursuits, one for home, and one for daily appointments. Today I want to share my my home calendar.

I like to choose a fairly simple utilitarian calendar and then customize it. You could also make your own. My favorite tools are washi tape, post it notes, sharpies and pencils. I start by transferring information from last year’s calendar, special dates and birthdays. Then I fill in appointments and dates that are already scheduled. I like to use washi tape and a sharpie. Not only does this fancy up my basic calendar, I can remove the tape if plans change. Lets face it, at some point they always do.

My number one tip is to write your future self notes. Little reminders to keep your life headed in the right direction. I like to use post it notes for this. They are easy to move around if needed. I write myself notes to think about future vacations, send snail mail to people I love, and check in with my goals. I also schedule mundane tasks like changing the air filter. This year I am reminding myself to think about the holidays in August. Last year I scrambled to get everything accomplished. I hope to stay ahead of the curve in 2014!

Here is to an amazing year!


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