Snow in Atlanta

It snowed here in Atlanta yesterday. And the city shut down in to a terrible gridlock turning commutes that normally take 30-45 minutes into 10-hour long treks. Yes, you read that correctly: 10 HOURS. A lot of people became stranded and are still not home this morning. I’m feeling very lucky and thankful and sad for my fellow ATLiens who have had a rough time of it.

This article by local writer Jessica Blankenship sums it up well (make sure you click on “One guy” for further summing up). Please be safe and help others when possible.

20140129-073125.jpgView from my commute home yesterday on MARTA, which only took about 10 minutes longer than normal due to cautious walking. I won’t soapbox it while people are suffering, but I will say I wish our city had more transit.


4 thoughts on “Snow in Atlanta

  1. When people are suffering IS when we need to discuss the problems of the world (or of our city). If not now, when the problem is glaringly clear, then when? If there was a serious disaster or pandemic, we now know what would happen. This was ugly!

  2. Um no, I think I made the right decision. At 7:30 this morning when so many people were still stuck on the interstate and worried about loved ones I didn’t think it was appropriate to go on a full rant about transit. Seemed like rubbing salt in wounds until things got a little clearer a few hours later. This blog is probably not the best venue for that conversation anyways though.

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