Wearing Handcrafted


I was happy to realize I was wearing a lot that was handcrafted or purchased from a small, local business while working at ICE HQ the other day.

Earrings – these are my favorite go-to earrings made by ATLien Brass & Bones. They go with everything and add pop to all outfits. I bought them at our pop-up shop in 2012.
Ring – a Christmas gift to myself purchased at our pop-up shop this year, this ring is an amazing collab between our friends at Finely Crafted and Is Was & Will Be.
Hoodie – awesome screen-print by my girl Cathy, one of the amazing masterminds behind Crafty Wonderland in PDX.
Dress – made by my dear business partner Shannon, many years ago when she had more time to sew (we’ve got to get back to that!).
Shoes – obviously my Vans aren’t handcrafted but I make a point to always buy them at a locally owned small business, Abbadabba’s, down the street from our studio.
Leggings – my one downfall…I own a lot of leggings from Target.
Haircut – Andrew at Marie Marie Salon next door keeps my bangs in tip-top shape. I wouldn’t even say this was a best bang day for me (my fault for running out the door, not his!).

Do you have favorite handcrafted clothes or accessories that you love to wear?

xo, Christy



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