Bittersweet Weekend

at dash

This weekend was bittersweet.

On Saturday, Shannon, Baby Emmett and I worked on organizing our new headquarters. Formerly the home of our 2013 holiday pop-up shop, the space was still in a bit of disarray. January was a super busy month and of course, snowmageddon here in Atlanta really messed up all productivity for the better part of a week. So we hadn’t really had a chance to get organized until now. It felt good to get rid of stuff and to move things around a bit.

Saturday night we took Emmett to his first art opening (pictured), Dashboard Co-op’s COSMS. If you missed the opening, please go during their gallery hours, more info here. Emmett was very happy to support one of his favorite ladies, Beth Malone, Dash’s executive director. This was my first art opening since he was born…hooray for one of my favorite activities!

On Sunday, I got the very sad news that my Uncle Henry had passed away from a very unexpected heart attack. He was young, only 55, so this news was really shocking to say the least.  He was a fan of the Indie Craft Experience and definitely where I get my entrepreneurial spirit from. He owned many businesses, including a health food store where I got to clock some hours as a kid wielding the price tag gun. Uncle Henry was a third, sharing his name with his father and grandfather and went on to name his son the fourth of what I consider to be a great name: Henry Emmett. When hunting for boy names, I knew I couldn’t really use Henry because there were too many people already using it in my family, but I thought Emmett was too good to pass up!

Uncle Henry was great to talk to, was very spirited and blessed us with amazing mac n cheese on Thanksgiving. In his honor, here is the Bobby Flay mac n’ cheese recipe he used.



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