A Round Tuit


This weekend, *nerd alert* I left for a Writing Center Conference in Greenville, NC.

What can I say, I love to tutor!

In addition to  learning several clever tutoring strategies, making new friends, and tasting my first eastern carolina barbecue, (way yummier than ours, by the way) I wrote until my fingers blistered and nearly fell off.

I found a round tuit.

I swore to myself, my professor and my friend that over the weekend I would complete my final draft for the book I am writing.

I was a woman possessed.

I scribbled feverishly for seven hours in the car there and back again–old school style–with a notebook and pen.

Back in my beloved ATL, I camped out in two separate coffee shops, carefully spacing out my caffeine intake so as to avoid

a) becoming a jittery mess and losing the ability to grasp a writing utensil

b) purchasing so many drinks that I became coffee poor

c) rushing to the bathroom nine billion times. Potty breaks throw off one’s groove. I really should purchase a shewee.


All this to say, you may congratulate me because today I am snowed in and converting all of my chicken scratch to one unified document. The world will soon be blessed with the fully-illustrated tale of a family of Polish cats that owns a bakery. I’m so excited!

I would really love to leave you with some practical tips or DIY that I learned from this experience, so let me give this a shot:

1) If you really need to get writing done, do it with a pen and paper. You will avoid internet distraction and the fatigue brought on by computer screen glare. You will also be able to write anywhere, without resenting patrons who intrepidly reached an outlet before you.

2) If you really need to get anything done, make an unbreakable vow to several people and assume that nothing but death will keep you from your purpose.

3) When writing, give yourself an instrumental soundtrack and sophisticated beverage. Each time I sat down to write I had either a coffee, tea, hot cocoa or glass of wine. Good flavors and inspiring music feed and pace your creativity.

I’m no expert, but I got work done.  I hope you do, to!


Rachel Eleanor

Listening to: Usual Happiness by Kroke.


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