Winter Blues

IMG_2277 copy

A combination of schoolwork, two snow weeks and then these past few painfully beautiful days have given me the winter blues. Torturing myself with longing, I found my favorite summer treat: a fruit tart. It is one I deem “fancy” and save only for a special date with a friend. The fresh fruit of summer all laid out in a tart makes my mouth water, and I can almost feel the warm breeze blowing as I sit out on the patio of Highland Bakery, munching serenely.

Today I make due with eating an orange at a picnic table, writing to you.

I tried two tart recipes this summer at my engagement party, one from and one by Paula Deen. The group decided that we liked Allrecipe’s filling, but Paula Dean’s crust.

I love laying out sliced fruit in beautiful patterns, but my favorite part is pouring on the glaze at the end.

Scratch that.  My favorite part is eating it!

Scrounge up what fresh fruit you can find and give them both a try!


Rachel Eleanor

No Skill Fruit Tart by

Fresh Fruit Tart by Paula Deen

Listening to Sun Giant by Fleet Foxes


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