Paint Dipped Pots


I keep little pots of herbs in my kitchen most of the time. It’s convenient, economical, and it makes such a difference in my food! You can pick up a small plant for under $3.00.

The weather is changing here in Atlanta. The warmer temperatures are getting me excited about Spring and gardening. Last weekend when the highs were in the 60’s I dipped some terra cotta pots in bright white paint.

I love the dipped look. It’s something that you can only get with dipping an extra thick coat of color.  I think it would also be fun to try some bright colors or neon.

I used a satin finish interior paint that I had leftover from another project, terra cotta pots, masking tape, and bottles from my recycling bin to keep the pots elevated while they dried.


Wash the pots and allow to dry. Tape the drain hole on the inside of the pot, this will keep the paint from seeping inside when you dip. I poured the paint into an old plastic container to allow for more space. You can dip either end of the pot. I also experimented with letting the paint run. I love the way they turned out!



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