9 Steps for Starting Seeds

9 Steps for Starting Seeds

I’m getting started gardening with pretty much no experience. Follow along. Tell me if I’m doing something wrong. Join in on the fun. Read my intro here.

1. Raid the recycling bin. I had been collecting the white containers for awhile. They are single yogurts from Atlanta Fresh.


2. Poke or punch holes in the bottom of your plastic containers for water drainage.


3. Have your seeds handy. Do a little research on which should start as seedlings inside to be transplanted into the ground later and which should start directly in the ground. Pictured below, I’m waiting to plant the peas directly in the ground and I’m starting the cucumber and nasturtium inside.


4. Figure out how you want to label your seeds. There are a million different ways to do this. I opted for using supplies I had on hand and put washi tape on clothes pins. I want to reuse the white containers as well as the clothes pins so I didn’t want to write directly on either one. Plus I’m always looking for an excuse to use washi tape! Keep in mind, the labels will inevitably get wet so choose your supplies accordingly.


5. Fill containers with soil and add your seeds. The seeds should be buried as deep as they are long so that it doesn’t have to travel through inches and inches of soil before reaching the top. For example, tomato seeds are buried very shallow because they are so tiny. A bean would be buried deeper.


6. Add your labels as you go along so you don’t mix up what’s what.


7. Water your seeds! Make sure you have a tray or something to catch the water that drains out. You’ll be growing these seeds inside so you don’t want to mess up your table or counter or whatever.


8. Have an adorable gardening assistant. The best ones like to wear their socks half on, half off. And love being outside.


9. Consult some resources. These are some books I borrowed from Shannon. Read up on the whole process while you wait for your seeds to sprout. The seeds should be sitting inside where they are warm and get plenty of light.



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