Fun at Salvage

We had so much fun at Salvage this past weekend!

Before we go any further, go ahead and save the date for the next one: September 13 at Ambient Plus Studio, 585 Wells St SW, ATL 30312.

We had such a great group of vendors and awesome food and our wonderful DJ and a cool photo booth and….for the first time ever, the Vintage Style Competition.

wall of style

Salvage attendees dressed in their favorite vintage outfit, we took their photo and added it to the Wall o’ Style. We invited three lovely ladies to judge the competition: Tranae from Becoming Fab, Cath from AsianCajuns and Liz from Sunday’s Best Vintage. We chose them for their sense of style, fun blogs and enthusiasm!



Our three judges chose a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 2 Honorable Mentions!

1st: Stephanie Cassatt – Inspiration: my favorite pink lucite earrings

2nd: Sarah & Angela – Inspiration: unicorn sailor and riding cowgirl

3rd: Trevor Blake – Inspiration: I like polka-dots

Honorable Mention: Kim Siew – Inspiration: Florals!!!

Honorable Mention: Ebone Smiley – Inspiration: Donna Summer 70s Disco Diva


There was so much great style at Salvage!! Stephanie was still on location when the winner was announced so we got to take a photo with her and some brass bunnies she bought at the event. Full disclosure, Stephanie is a friend of ours…and that’s why we have judges other than ourselves! They had no idea who we know and who we don’t. Look at those bunnies!

with stephanie

Thanks to everyone who participated! We will do the style competition again so be pondering your most awesome vintage outfit.




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