Fun at Salvage

We had so much fun at Salvage this past weekend!

Before we go any further, go ahead and save the date for the next one: September 13 at Ambient Plus Studio, 585 Wells St SW, ATL 30312.

We had such a great group of vendors and awesome food and our wonderful DJ and a cool photo booth and….for the first time ever, the Vintage Style Competition.

wall of style

Salvage attendees dressed in their favorite vintage outfit, we took their photo and added it to the Wall o’ Style. We invited three lovely ladies to judge the competition: Tranae from Becoming Fab, Cath from AsianCajuns and Liz from Sunday’s Best Vintage. We chose them for their sense of style, fun blogs and enthusiasm!



Our three judges chose a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 2 Honorable Mentions!

1st: Stephanie Cassatt – Inspiration: my favorite pink lucite earrings

2nd: Sarah & Angela – Inspiration: unicorn sailor and riding cowgirl

3rd: Trevor Blake – Inspiration: I like polka-dots

Honorable Mention: Kim Siew – Inspiration: Florals!!!

Honorable Mention: Ebone Smiley – Inspiration: Donna Summer 70s Disco Diva


There was so much great style at Salvage!! Stephanie was still on location when the winner was announced so we got to take a photo with her and some brass bunnies she bought at the event. Full disclosure, Stephanie is a friend of ours…and that’s why we have judges other than ourselves! They had no idea who we know and who we don’t. Look at those bunnies!

with stephanie

Thanks to everyone who participated! We will do the style competition again so be pondering your most awesome vintage outfit.




Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

My birthday is March 19th so I always look at St. Patrick’s Day as the kick off to my birthday! While I’m not celebrating by showing my appreciation for Guinness and Jameson with quite the same fervor as I did in my younger days, I still love the holiday. Fun facts: I’ve been to St. James Gate, when I someday get a tattoo it will be a peacock that was on the Irish penny pre-Euro, I’ve kissed the Blarney Stone and my first alcohol as a 21-year old was in an Irish pub in NYC.

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, here are 9 greens!

1. I’m wearing this necklace today, made by one of my most favorite people, Cathy Zwicker of Crafty Wonderland.


2. I love this onesie that Baby Emmett is wearing today. It’s a reprint of one of our ICE swag bags and Sarah Keys designed it. Shannon had it printed at Fallen Arrows.


3. I’m going to get to use this shelving unit for a mysterious project soon!


4. It’s almost farmers market season! I went to the year-round Morningside Market on Saturday and got this big bag of organic kale as well as eggs, rutabaga, turnips and sweet potatoes.


5. Outside is glorious! We’re in that awkward time of year where the weather is AMAZING and then gets cold again and then AMAZING and then suddenly sweltering summer is here. I’m trying to soak up the AMAZING whenever I can. Baby Emmett and I went to Piedmont Park on Friday and enjoyed playing in the grass.


6. I’m going to a potluck lunch today and made a spinach salad.


7. My seeds have started to sprout! So far we have cucumber, basil, tomato and nasturtium. No eggplant yet but I’m crossing my fingers.


8. I made a green smoothie yesterday. I just guess with my smoothies and throw a bunch of stuff in the blender! If you want the real deal, tried-and-true recipes, you should get 40 Days of Green Smoothies by Becky Striepe.

My smoothie contained:
Greek yogurt
Almond milk
Ginger powder (but only because I was out of fresh ginger!)


9. I’ve had some of this bamboo for over 10 years!


May the luck of the Irish be with you today!

Taking Applications for Downtown Pop-Up Party

We have room for a couple more vendors at the Downtown Pop-Up Party on March 29th at the Sweet Auburn Curb Market, 1-5 pm. These few spots will go quickly so if you are a craft or vintage vendor and you’re interested, jump on it!

Downtown Pop-Up Party rectangle

Some vendor spaces are inside and some are outside. All will be very visible for this super fun event! Once accepted, vendors will be given the option for inside or outside on a first come, first served basis (we will email you your choices). We will not be offering refunds if the weather is bad.

The application is here. Filling these last few spots will be done on a rolling basis. Meaning, go apply now before it’s too late! The event offers a sneak-peek at some of the pop-up shop tenant who will be located along the streetcar route plus all that the Curb Market has to offer!


5 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Venue


I got engaged on January 1st. David and I are super excited to make it “official” after being together for so many years. As soon as we announced our engagement we began receiving the expected questions, When and Where?  I will admit that we are a little intimidated about planning a wedding. I plan a lot of events, so this should be easy, right? Planning a wedding feels different and a little overwhelming. I know the key to planning any event is to take it one step at a time, and so we began! Its always gratifying to start with what you know, and you always know more than you think you do. I spent time talking to married friends about their wedding experiences and researching online. I started a secret Pinterest board, and David and I started a wedding vision board. I will share more on this later.

After coming up with a reasonable budget and a list of “must haves” we started looking for a venue to reflect our vintage “camp style” theme. I researched a ton of summer camps, retreat centers and state parks before someone mentioned Sugarboo Farms. We planned a visit on a Saturday and fell in love. Love is dangerous, and booking a venue is no small decision. Give yourself some time before making it official. We gave ourselves a week, checked out some other options and ultimately chose Sugarboo!


We are SO excited!!

Here are my top 5 tips for choosing a wedding venue.

1. Decide what type of wedding you are planning. How many guest will you invite? You might not have a total at this point but you probably have a general idea. What style are you going for? Vintage, Rustic, Traditional, Minimal? When would you like to get married? What is your budget? The answers to these questions will help you narrow your scope and focus your search.

2. Talk to people about their weddings, what worked and what didn’t. You will be surprised about what people remember most. Plus, weddings make people happy and it’s so awesome to hear their stories.

3. Utilize wedding blogs and sites. They house a TON of information including databases of venues in specific areas, capacity, cost, amenities and photos. This could be extra helpful if you are planning a destination wedding.

4. Think outside the box. There are so many non-traditional venues out there from old barns, art galleries, theaters, restaurants, and warehouses. These places can be worth the extra effort to find, so ask around and keep an open mind. You might be surprised where your search takes you!

5. Once you find a location that you like, ask a million questions. Visit during the time of day that your ceremony will take place. Will you need additional lighting? Is there enough parking? What will you need to provide? Is there lodging nearby? You probably will not think about everything, but try. Once you decide on  a venue so many details will fall into place like magic, and that is what it’s all about.

Getting there!

We’ve had some ups and downs the past few days with some changes in plans. Ultimately things are working out even grander than originally planned. Lots more info coming soon! Today we are fueled by the Fuzzy Feeling shot from Rawesome Juicery inside the Sweet Auburn Curb Market. This is appropriate because our meeting this morning left us with a fuzzy feeling! #sweetauburn #curbmarket #sweetauburncurbmarket #rawesome #iceatlanta #movinonup

Taking Applications

block party

Have you heard? Atlanta is getting a streetcar connecting the downtown tourist district to the MLKing Jr Historic District.
And did you hear? Central Atlanta Progress has organized a group of pop-up shops along the route.
And BIG NEWS!!!! We are going to have a shop!
More details on that a little later but for now join us on March 29th for a Pop-Up Sneak Peek Block Party held in partnership with Creative Loafing.

Pop-Up Sneak Peek Block Party
Saturday, March 29, 2014
1-4 pm
On Edgewood Ave near Jesse Hill Jr Dr
Across from the Sweet Auburn Curb Market
Music, food trucks, beer and a craft & vintage market!

We are accepting applications for craft and vintage vendors on a rolling basis.
We have a limited number of booths available and once we have enough approved vendors we will shut down this application.
Before it’s too late!
Booths are 10×10.
Booths cost $55.


9 Steps for Starting Seeds

9 Steps for Starting Seeds

I’m getting started gardening with pretty much no experience. Follow along. Tell me if I’m doing something wrong. Join in on the fun. Read my intro here.

1. Raid the recycling bin. I had been collecting the white containers for awhile. They are single yogurts from Atlanta Fresh.


2. Poke or punch holes in the bottom of your plastic containers for water drainage.


3. Have your seeds handy. Do a little research on which should start as seedlings inside to be transplanted into the ground later and which should start directly in the ground. Pictured below, I’m waiting to plant the peas directly in the ground and I’m starting the cucumber and nasturtium inside.


4. Figure out how you want to label your seeds. There are a million different ways to do this. I opted for using supplies I had on hand and put washi tape on clothes pins. I want to reuse the white containers as well as the clothes pins so I didn’t want to write directly on either one. Plus I’m always looking for an excuse to use washi tape! Keep in mind, the labels will inevitably get wet so choose your supplies accordingly.


5. Fill containers with soil and add your seeds. The seeds should be buried as deep as they are long so that it doesn’t have to travel through inches and inches of soil before reaching the top. For example, tomato seeds are buried very shallow because they are so tiny. A bean would be buried deeper.


6. Add your labels as you go along so you don’t mix up what’s what.


7. Water your seeds! Make sure you have a tray or something to catch the water that drains out. You’ll be growing these seeds inside so you don’t want to mess up your table or counter or whatever.


8. Have an adorable gardening assistant. The best ones like to wear their socks half on, half off. And love being outside.


9. Consult some resources. These are some books I borrowed from Shannon. Read up on the whole process while you wait for your seeds to sprout. The seeds should be sitting inside where they are warm and get plenty of light.


Gardening, Here We Go!


I’ve decided to grow a vegetable garden this year. For several reasons besides just loving veggies. I want to know where my food is coming from. I want to eat food that didn’t travel far to get to me. I want to make sure I’m feeding my baby good food. I want a reason to compost. I want to spend more time outside. I want to turn my backyard into an asset. I want to save money. I want my baby to know what vegetable plants look like and not just what a vegetable looks like on the dinner table. I want to garden as part of my exercise routine. The list goes on and on.

Despite my excitement about this new project, I’m actually feeling very unconfident about it. Below I will list my gardening experience:

1) In 3rd grade-ish I brought home a cucumber plant that I started at school. My mom helped me plant it in the yard. It grew a tiny cucumber. I ate it.


Um, yeah. That’s it.

My next door neighbors when I was growing up grew a great garden of mostly tomatoes, and I tended to the garden a bit for them when they were out of town. My parents attempted to grow tomatoes once or twice, but I don’t remember being involved or if there was even any fruit to their labor. My grandfather grew a beautiful rose garden and yummy tomatoes when I was little, but he lived 2 hours away so I didn’t get to witness what went into that.

So I have all these fears…what if I get started with all this and then get busy with other things? What if I have some success but then animals eat all my produce? What if I “wing it” (something I do a lot) and don’t do the proper research and end up forgetting some critical step? I don’t know why, but I’m nervous about this project. It seems a bit overwhelming to me. Alas, who cares. I’m jumping in. What if I actually grow some great veggies for my family??? Then we’ll let the good times roll. And if it doesn’t work out, I’m sure I will have had some fun along the way!

I got started this weekend, and would love for you to follow along. If you see I’m doing something wrong, let me know in the comments. Otherwise, maybe you’ll learn something with me. Maybe you’ll give it a try as well.

A special thanks to Shannon who gave me a bunch of seeds and lots of tips! Stay tuned tomorrow for “9 Steps for Starting Seeds.”