Fun at Salvage

We had so much fun at Salvage this past weekend!

Before we go any further, go ahead and save the date for the next one: September 13 at Ambient Plus Studio, 585 Wells St SW, ATL 30312.

We had such a great group of vendors and awesome food and our wonderful DJ and a cool photo booth and….for the first time ever, the Vintage Style Competition.

wall of style

Salvage attendees dressed in their favorite vintage outfit, we took their photo and added it to the Wall o’ Style. We invited three lovely ladies to judge the competition: Tranae from Becoming Fab, Cath from AsianCajuns and Liz from Sunday’s Best Vintage. We chose them for their sense of style, fun blogs and enthusiasm!



Our three judges chose a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 2 Honorable Mentions!

1st: Stephanie Cassatt – Inspiration: my favorite pink lucite earrings

2nd: Sarah & Angela – Inspiration: unicorn sailor and riding cowgirl

3rd: Trevor Blake – Inspiration: I like polka-dots

Honorable Mention: Kim Siew – Inspiration: Florals!!!

Honorable Mention: Ebone Smiley – Inspiration: Donna Summer 70s Disco Diva


There was so much great style at Salvage!! Stephanie was still on location when the winner was announced so we got to take a photo with her and some brass bunnies she bought at the event. Full disclosure, Stephanie is a friend of ours…and that’s why we have judges other than ourselves! They had no idea who we know and who we don’t. Look at those bunnies!

with stephanie

Thanks to everyone who participated! We will do the style competition again so be pondering your most awesome vintage outfit.




Why I Love Vintage


20140227-120704.jpgThis hangs in the guest bathroom at my grandmother’s house.  And has my whole entire life! 

It’s true. As a child, I got a lot of my clothes from the thrift store. My family had a tight budget, and this was one way to save money. It was embarrassing to me for a while. After all, this was the 80s and the brand name of your clothes actually mattered. There were several thrift stores within a couple of miles of my house, and my mom very strategically paid attention to half-off days and coupons that were printed in a local freebie publication. My sister and I would joke about being so poor that we had to use a coupon on half-off day at the thrift store. We weren’t really that poor. My mom just really knows how to stretch a dollar!

I don’t know when it happened, but at some point I began to love shopping at the thrift store. It was a fun outing with my mom and sister, and we were all quite good at the hunt. After patiently flipping through hanger after hanger, inspecting clothes for stains, tears and other irreparable problems and then trying everything on (which sometimes meant over your clothes because the shops didn’t all have a dressing room for some very bizarre reason), we would head home with quite the haul. I can remember giant bags of clothes purchased for less than one pair of jeans from The Gap. My sister and I liked clothes so this was exciting!

In high school and college, when thrifting was cool (grunge-era!), I already knew where to go and how to hunt. Over time, I discovered that the thrift store had more to offer than just clothes. Books, home décor, accessories (I have a crazy scarf collection!), cameras. You name it! The thrift store is where my love of vintage began.

So here it is, why I love vintage:

1) You get to celebrate the style of days gone by. Today’s style is cool. And so is style from the 1960s. And the 20s. And the 80s. And the 40s. And the 90s.
2) It’s sustainable. This cool stuff already exists, and you get to give it a new life. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
3) It may not be one-of-a-kind but it’s pretty darn close. You’re probably the only person you know with that one particular (really awesome)(so cool) item. It makes your personal style unique.
4) If it’s lasted this long, chances are it’s going to just keep on lasting.
5) It just looks cool. Ok maybe this is basically the same as reason #1, but c’mon…it looks cool!

Saturday is the last day to apply to spring Salvage, our vintage market taking place on April 12. Go here to apply. We can’t wait to see your collection of treasures. 


Join us for Salvage

Salvage will be here soon, and we are taking applications for vendors until March 1st (that’s Saturday!!!). Salvage is a super fun vintage marketplace on April 12th.

We are seeking vintage vendors who sell everything from all decades! Books, homewares, clothing, accessories, bikes, vinyl, cameras, furniture, jewelry…all of it! We are also seeking crafters who make vintage inspired items.

Apply here!

Atlanta Photographer | | ICE | Salvage | Wedding Day Hooray

Taking Applications for Salvage Vintage Market


Our vintage market Salvage is coming up on April 12 and it’s time to apply to be a vendor! We are taking applications February 1-March 1 (psssst, it’s actually already live on the site!). We are seeking vendors who sell vintage treasures as well as crafters who make items with a vintage aesthetic. The event is a lot of fun and we can’t wait to see you there!

Krisandra Evans | Atlanta Event Photographer |

Atlanta Photographer | | ICE | Salvage | Wedding Day Hooray

Atlanta Photographer | | ICE | Salvage | Wedding Day Hooray

Krisandra Evans | Atlanta Event Photographer |

Atlanta Photographer | | ICE | Salvage | Wedding Day Hooray

2014 Dates

Yay yay yay!
We are so excited to announce our dates for 2014. Mark your calendar. Save the date. You don’t want to miss any fun this year! Below are dates for our events, vendor applications and application notifications.

SALVAGE – April 12
Application: February 1 – March 1
Notification: March 8

SUMMER ICE – June 28-29
Application: April 19 – May 17
Notification: April 24

SALVAGE – September 13
Application: July 5 – August 2
Notification: August 9

Application: September 13 – October 11
Notification: October 18

The Curatorial Launches Today


You guys!!! We are so excited that today is August 1st. Why, you may ask, why would we be so excited about the hottest month of the year? Well weather aside, we’re excited because our 3rd edition of The Curatorial launches today. The Curatorial is our online, curated shop. This year we are producing pop-up shops on there that only last a few weeks. Next year, the shop will be live all. the. time. We got it up and running amongst all our other projects this year in prep for 2014!

So today is the launch of our Vintage Treasures pop-up shop and it kicks off our 6 weeks of vintage-focus with the pop-up shop and then Salvage. Vintage Treasures is sort of like Salvage online with jewelry, clothing and home goods. It’s also a sneak peak of what you can expect (times 1 kabillion) on September 14th at Salvage.

We hope you enjoy this specially selected assortment of vintage treasures that we picked out for you. Available August 1-31 at


Christmas in July


Search “Griswold Christmas Tree” on YouTube if you don’t know the significance of this tree image.

Recently, I visited a small mountain town in NC that had a Christmas Shoppe. To me this is the tell-tale sign that a town is trying to be a tourist attraction. It reminded me of visiting a similar store in Helen, GA as a kid. It was dead of summer, and everyone (myself included!) was f-reaking out about Christmas in July!

At ICE HQ, we’ve spent a lot of time the past two weeks planning for the holiday season. It’s funny to me that my work now involves planning for the holiday season during the hottest part of the year!

We can’t tell you all about our holiday plans just yet because we are nailing down details. I can tell you it’s going to be spectacular. We hope it give you a Clark Griswold Christmas tree moment!

Apply to Salvage

Friday (7/26/13) marks the deadline to apply to Salvage, our super awesome vintage show. The event takes place on September 14th and will feature fantastic vintage vendors, DJ Zano, Leah&Mark Photobooth, swag bags for the first 100 attendees designed by Wattsalot and printed by our friends at Fallen Arrows, food & fun!

If you are a vintage vendor or you make handcrafted items with a vintage aesthetic, APPLY!! Go to the Salvage site and enjoy this video from Salvage earlier this year in April. Go vintage!