Taking Applications for Downtown Pop-Up Party

We have room for a couple more vendors at the Downtown Pop-Up Party on March 29th at the Sweet Auburn Curb Market, 1-5 pm. These few spots will go quickly so if you are a craft or vintage vendor and you’re interested, jump on it!

Downtown Pop-Up Party rectangle

Some vendor spaces are inside and some are outside. All will be very visible for this super fun event! Once accepted, vendors will be given the option for inside or outside on a first come, first served basis (we will email you your choices). We will not be offering refunds if the weather is bad.

The application is here. Filling these last few spots will be done on a rolling basis. Meaning, go apply now before it’s too late! The event offers a sneak-peek at some of the pop-up shop tenant who will be located along the streetcar route plus all that the Curb Market has to offer!



Taking Applications

block party

Have you heard? Atlanta is getting a streetcar connecting the downtown tourist district to the MLKing Jr Historic District.
And did you hear? Central Atlanta Progress has organized a group of pop-up shops along the route.
And BIG NEWS!!!! We are going to have a shop!
More details on that a little later but for now join us on March 29th for a Pop-Up Sneak Peek Block Party held in partnership with Creative Loafing.

Pop-Up Sneak Peek Block Party
Saturday, March 29, 2014
1-4 pm
On Edgewood Ave near Jesse Hill Jr Dr
Across from the Sweet Auburn Curb Market
Music, food trucks, beer and a craft & vintage market!

We are accepting applications for craft and vintage vendors on a rolling basis.
We have a limited number of booths available and once we have enough approved vendors we will shut down this application.
Before it’s too late!
Booths are 10×10.
Booths cost $55.


Have your print and eat it, too


Last night I worked on fish prints!

Yes. Fishy fishy fish prints.

If you can get over your revulsion for handling dead fish, you can make some gorgeous prints.

Fish printing, or gyotaku, originated in Japan in the mid 1800’s when fisherman wanted to record their catches. Since then, it has evolved into its own art form.

If you are a tactile person who loves graphic nature prints, then this is the DIY for you.fish.prints.8

You will need:

Paint Brush

India Ink (not toxic, if you want to eat your fish afterwards!)

Paper (Preferably thin washi paper, but you can use any kind)

Dead fish

Paper Towels

Paper Bags/Trash Bags

Step 1: Cover the surface you will be working on with your paper bags or trash bags.fish.prints

Step 2: Take your fish (which should be gutted) and stuff it with paper towels so it won’t ooze. Gross I know.


Step 3: Place you fish on your work surface. Using your paint brush, apply a thin layer of ink to your entire fish. For a cool effect, don’t paint over the eye. You only need a very thin layer, you want to be able to see the texture of the fish scales. No globs.fish.prints.3

Step 4: Press your washi paper onto your fish. Press firmly and pat and give your fish a little fish massage, making the ink soak through.fish.prints.5

Step 5: Lift a corner and peek. If your print is too light, massage your fish a little more. Be sure to press the paper around the edges of the fish.fish.prints.7

Step 6: Lift paper and enjoy your fish print!

What I really want to know is which of you will be brave enough to cook your fish afterwards.  Send me a pic of your print and your meal!


Rachel Eleanor

Listening to: Tam Lin by Anais Mitchell and Jefferson Hamer

Christy’s Weekly Roundup, March 1

round Christy

Here’s a little Saturday morning roundup for you, a baker’s dozen to be exact, of some of the best things I read this week and everything I watched. Did you have any favorites this week?
Happy March! It’s my birthday month!

Read This Week:
Colorfest/66 – DesignLoveFest
5 Essentials For Improving Your Food Photography – The Kitchn
4 Green Cleaning and DIY Beauty Recipes – Glue & Glitter
Good Art is Popular Because It’s Good. Right? – NPR
Micro Trend: Teepees – decor8
Oversized Landscape Pop Art – A Beautiful Mess
This 4-Year-Old Makes Paper Dresses With Her Mom – Huffington Press
Fully Loaded Kale Salad – Zooey Magazine
DIY Pantry Staples: 35 Crafty, Creative Recipes – Crafting a Green World
Make This: DIY Paper Crown Garland Made from Recycled Book Pages – Paper & Stitch
Orphans’ Lonely Beginnings Reveal How Parents Shape a Child’s Brain – NPR
Start Tomorrow Right With 4 Energy-Filled Breakfast Ideas – Refinery29
Infographic Shows Every Best Actress Dress Since 1929 – Stylist.co.uk

Watched This Week:
House of Cards – Season 2, Episodes 1-6
Downton Abbey – Season 4, Episodes 8
Dexter – Season 8, Episode 7
On Golden Pond

Things I Own That Are Handcrafted: Britt Bass Arrows


We’re a little iced in here in the ATL. It happens every few years. Twice this year for good measure. I’m definitely ready for spring but in the meantime I’ll just start a new series here called “Things I Own That Are Handcrafted.” For the past 10 years, I’ve been very busy organizing, attending and participating in craft markers. Obviously that’s given me ample opportunity to acquire lots of cool stuff!

First up is this set of arrows that I bought from Britt Bass a couple years ago at the Indie Craft Experience. They sit on a shelf in my living room. Learn more about Britt Bass here.

Stay warm!