Christmas in July


Search “Griswold Christmas Tree” on YouTube if you don’t know the significance of this tree image.

Recently, I visited a small mountain town in NC that had a Christmas Shoppe. To me this is the tell-tale sign that a town is trying to be a tourist attraction. It reminded me of visiting a similar store in Helen, GA as a kid. It was dead of summer, and everyone (myself included!) was f-reaking out about Christmas in July!

At ICE HQ, we’ve spent a lot of time the past two weeks planning for the holiday season. It’s funny to me that my work now involves planning for the holiday season during the hottest part of the year!

We can’t tell you all about our holiday plans just yet because we are nailing down details. I can tell you it’s going to be spectacular. We hope it give you a Clark Griswold Christmas tree moment!


Applications for our Holiday Market!


We are taking applications for our 2012 Holiday Shopping Spectacular until August 24th.

Located at Ambient Plus Studio on November 17-18, this event is our biggest of the year!

We will have a special super-duper awesome room of vintage finds from Salvage vendors in addition to our wonderful indie crafters.

Go to our website for more info. Mark your calendar. See you there.

Application is ready for you!

Our application for the 2010 Holiday Shopping Spectacular is up and running and waiting for you!
The deadline to apply is September 16th at which time we’ll pick the 100 best applications received.
Make sure your photos are top-notch. That’s where a lot of the decision making comes from. This show is juried primarily on the aesthetics of the products, along with quality and originality.

See you November 20+21, if not sooner!


Welcome to the Indie Craft Experience Blog


Hello Friends!
This blog is brand new.
The entries you see prior to this one were in the “News” section of the Indie Craft Experience website (the date they were originally posted is at the bottom of each entry) and will now reside here on what will hopefully be a wonderful addition to ICE media. We hope you are already hooked up to us on Flickr, Facebook and Twitter.




And you should definitely sign up to receive our monthly newsletter here. If you aren’t familiar with our newsletter, check them out here.

Please stay tuned because very-very soon we will be announcing exciting news about our Holiday 2010 event.

Pssst, for now all we can tell you that we’re super excited to be returning to Ambient Plus Photo Studio. Click here to watch a fun video about Ambient Plus! xoxo