The Curatorial Launches Today


You guys!!! We are so excited that today is August 1st. Why, you may ask, why would we be so excited about the hottest month of the year? Well weather aside, we’re excited because our 3rd edition of The Curatorial launches today. The Curatorial is our online, curated shop. This year we are producing pop-up shops on there that only last a few weeks. Next year, the shop will be live all. the. time. We got it up and running amongst all our other projects this year in prep for 2014!

So today is the launch of our Vintage Treasures pop-up shop and it kicks off our 6 weeks of vintage-focus with the pop-up shop and then Salvage. Vintage Treasures is sort of like Salvage online with jewelry, clothing and home goods. It’s also a sneak peak of what you can expect (times 1 kabillion) on September 14th at Salvage.

We hope you enjoy this specially selected assortment of vintage treasures that we picked out for you. Available August 1-31 at