Why I Love Vintage


20140227-120704.jpgThis hangs in the guest bathroom at my grandmother’s house.  And has my whole entire life! 

It’s true. As a child, I got a lot of my clothes from the thrift store. My family had a tight budget, and this was one way to save money. It was embarrassing to me for a while. After all, this was the 80s and the brand name of your clothes actually mattered. There were several thrift stores within a couple of miles of my house, and my mom very strategically paid attention to half-off days and coupons that were printed in a local freebie publication. My sister and I would joke about being so poor that we had to use a coupon on half-off day at the thrift store. We weren’t really that poor. My mom just really knows how to stretch a dollar!

I don’t know when it happened, but at some point I began to love shopping at the thrift store. It was a fun outing with my mom and sister, and we were all quite good at the hunt. After patiently flipping through hanger after hanger, inspecting clothes for stains, tears and other irreparable problems and then trying everything on (which sometimes meant over your clothes because the shops didn’t all have a dressing room for some very bizarre reason), we would head home with quite the haul. I can remember giant bags of clothes purchased for less than one pair of jeans from The Gap. My sister and I liked clothes so this was exciting!

In high school and college, when thrifting was cool (grunge-era!), I already knew where to go and how to hunt. Over time, I discovered that the thrift store had more to offer than just clothes. Books, home décor, accessories (I have a crazy scarf collection!), cameras. You name it! The thrift store is where my love of vintage began.

So here it is, why I love vintage:

1) You get to celebrate the style of days gone by. Today’s style is cool. And so is style from the 1960s. And the 20s. And the 80s. And the 40s. And the 90s.
2) It’s sustainable. This cool stuff already exists, and you get to give it a new life. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
3) It may not be one-of-a-kind but it’s pretty darn close. You’re probably the only person you know with that one particular (really awesome)(so cool) item. It makes your personal style unique.
4) If it’s lasted this long, chances are it’s going to just keep on lasting.
5) It just looks cool. Ok maybe this is basically the same as reason #1, but c’mon…it looks cool!

Saturday is the last day to apply to spring Salvage, our vintage market taking place on April 12. Go here to apply. We can’t wait to see your collection of treasures.