The Party Animals Suite

have a few DIY wedding posts and pretties lined up for all of you, because, frankly, that’s where my brain has been and where my hands have kept busy.

Graduation and my wedding date are looming and the projects keep piling!

I love it.

Cam (the fiancée) and I, being both engineer and artist, had very strong feelings about having a handmade wedding.

However, we also had very strong feelings of not wanting to be crazy people that kill themselves trying to impress the world with our craftiness. When it’s all said and done, we want ourselves, our families, and our guests to remember the process and the wedding as being one filled with FUN, love, special memories and neat lil’ handcrafted details.

So, we picked where we would and would not invest our creative energies:

Food? Leave that to the pros.

Music? Spotify got that. So do helpful musician friends.

Dress? Oh, how convenient, I found a pretty one I love right here in Atlanta…oh! And it’s on SALE.

Decorations? Ok…we might want to tackle some of that. Let’s say 25% is on us to make awesome.

Invitations and paper products? Handmade all the way.


Cam and I dreamed up our Save the Dates last summer and it was such a crazy, intense and fun process bringing them to life.

They are bookmarks made from wood veneer and fine papers. We’ve been calling them “The Party Animals Suite” for the animals I illustrated to remind us of our dearest friends.  They will be cropping back up in our invitations and thank you notes, as well.

It took all of his engineering prowess to make the laser engravers at the GT Labs bend to our will, and I spent more time than I care to admit with a gold paint pen on those puppies.

In the end we made some beautiful bookmarks that are a true reflection of our combined abilities and relationship: art and science, beauty and functionality and paper and wood.

We can’t wait to give them to our friends. They look, smell, and feel so good.

We’ve spent so much time with them that they feel like our children, and I’m a little scared to send them through the big, bad, postal service. But we must!

I’ll bring you some more wedding love soon…


Rachel Eleanor


5 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Venue


I got engaged on January 1st. David and I are super excited to make it “official” after being together for so many years. As soon as we announced our engagement we began receiving the expected questions, When and Where?  I will admit that we are a little intimidated about planning a wedding. I plan a lot of events, so this should be easy, right? Planning a wedding feels different and a little overwhelming. I know the key to planning any event is to take it one step at a time, and so we began! Its always gratifying to start with what you know, and you always know more than you think you do. I spent time talking to married friends about their wedding experiences and researching online. I started a secret Pinterest board, and David and I started a wedding vision board. I will share more on this later.

After coming up with a reasonable budget and a list of “must haves” we started looking for a venue to reflect our vintage “camp style” theme. I researched a ton of summer camps, retreat centers and state parks before someone mentioned Sugarboo Farms. We planned a visit on a Saturday and fell in love. Love is dangerous, and booking a venue is no small decision. Give yourself some time before making it official. We gave ourselves a week, checked out some other options and ultimately chose Sugarboo!


We are SO excited!!

Here are my top 5 tips for choosing a wedding venue.

1. Decide what type of wedding you are planning. How many guest will you invite? You might not have a total at this point but you probably have a general idea. What style are you going for? Vintage, Rustic, Traditional, Minimal? When would you like to get married? What is your budget? The answers to these questions will help you narrow your scope and focus your search.

2. Talk to people about their weddings, what worked and what didn’t. You will be surprised about what people remember most. Plus, weddings make people happy and it’s so awesome to hear their stories.

3. Utilize wedding blogs and sites. They house a TON of information including databases of venues in specific areas, capacity, cost, amenities and photos. This could be extra helpful if you are planning a destination wedding.

4. Think outside the box. There are so many non-traditional venues out there from old barns, art galleries, theaters, restaurants, and warehouses. These places can be worth the extra effort to find, so ask around and keep an open mind. You might be surprised where your search takes you!

5. Once you find a location that you like, ask a million questions. Visit during the time of day that your ceremony will take place. Will you need additional lighting? Is there enough parking? What will you need to provide? Is there lodging nearby? You probably will not think about everything, but try. Once you decide on  a venue so many details will fall into place like magic, and that is what it’s all about.

Happy New Year and Wedding Day Hooray

Happy New Year Lovelies!
How did the first couple days of 2014 go for you? I love the beginning of a new year. Give me a blank calendar and I’ll fill it up with plans and projects! January is always full of meetings with people we want to work with and trying out new ideas. During the insanity of the holiday season I always envision January like a big white field of snow but it always ends up being just as busy!

2014 is full of promise here at ICE HQ. We have a lot of plans in the works that we are really excited about. There are going to be some big changes as well as some fine tuning and improving to what we did in 2013.

The biggest change during this first portion of the year is that we are retiring Wedding Day Hooray. In previous years it has taken place in February so we would already be taking applications and scurrying around getting ready. Wedding Day Hooray was a gorgeous, inspiring show and we are so happy to have produced it for three years (2011-2013). Our vendors were super awesome, and our deepest regret regarding this retirement is that we won’t get to work with them further. As we worked to fine tune our purpose over the past year, we realized that weddings are not where we should focus our attention. We still love handcrafted weddings though so don’t be surprised if you see wedding ideas pop up here on the blog from time to time! This was a difficult decision for us. We will definitely miss seeing the excited brides perusing the rows of wedding ideas presented so artistically by our vendors.

We will announce other 2014 plans here in the coming weeks as details are finalized. This blog is big on our list of New Years resolutions so we’ll see you back here shortly. What are your resolutions/goals/intentions for 2014?