The Party Animals Suite

have a few DIY wedding posts and pretties lined up for all of you, because, frankly, that’s where my brain has been and where my hands have kept busy.

Graduation and my wedding date are looming and the projects keep piling!

I love it.

Cam (the fiancée) and I, being both engineer and artist, had very strong feelings about having a handmade wedding.

However, we also had very strong feelings of not wanting to be crazy people that kill themselves trying to impress the world with our craftiness. When it’s all said and done, we want ourselves, our families, and our guests to remember the process and the wedding as being one filled with FUN, love, special memories and neat lil’ handcrafted details.

So, we picked where we would and would not invest our creative energies:

Food? Leave that to the pros.

Music? Spotify got that. So do helpful musician friends.

Dress? Oh, how convenient, I found a pretty one I love right here in Atlanta…oh! And it’s on SALE.

Decorations? Ok…we might want to tackle some of that. Let’s say 25% is on us to make awesome.

Invitations and paper products? Handmade all the way.


Cam and I dreamed up our Save the Dates last summer and it was such a crazy, intense and fun process bringing them to life.

They are bookmarks made from wood veneer and fine papers. We’ve been calling them “The Party Animals Suite” for the animals I illustrated to remind us of our dearest friends.  They will be cropping back up in our invitations and thank you notes, as well.

It took all of his engineering prowess to make the laser engravers at the GT Labs bend to our will, and I spent more time than I care to admit with a gold paint pen on those puppies.

In the end we made some beautiful bookmarks that are a true reflection of our combined abilities and relationship: art and science, beauty and functionality and paper and wood.

We can’t wait to give them to our friends. They look, smell, and feel so good.

We’ve spent so much time with them that they feel like our children, and I’m a little scared to send them through the big, bad, postal service. But we must!

I’ll bring you some more wedding love soon…


Rachel Eleanor


Avonlea Tea

The beautiful weather compelled me to give you a Spring-themed wedding post.

I have always been enamored with the Anne of Green Gables movies.  Anne has long been the heroine of my heart and I knew that I had to throw an Avolnea Tea Party for my bosom friends who were to become my bridesmaids.

I gifted each of them with an antique tea trio that I purchased from Nancy’s Tea Shop. Rachel, the owner, has a killer blog all about the history of the teacups she finds across the pond.  It is drool-worthy stuff.

From the handles of those delicate beauties I dangled tags reading “You’re my cup of tea. Be my maid?”


Ironically, no tea was consumed that afternoon, only a delightful sangria–which looked just as pretty in our delicate cups and was a sweet tribute to Anne’s raspberry cordial fiasco.


For a simple, low budget tea party that is pretty as punch, I recommend diving into friends’ attics and basements for the following items:
Embroidered Tea Towels

Floral Bed Sheets

Vintage Robes and Slips

Pretty Gloves


Tea Pots


Crocheted Doilies


Floral bed sheets tucked like slipcovers turned Margaritaville themed patio furniture into feminine, elegant statement pieces.

I’m sure my grandmother would cringe at the thought of me using her slips as a decoration, but they looked lovely dangling about.

There’s no need for table cloths if you have several tea towels to do the job.

Here’s the biggest secret: pull out all unnecessary furniture and decorations in the room you are using. That way the small table or two you decide to theme up and decorate will stand alone and look grand.

I hope all of my kindred spirits out there have a wonderful week and try a tea party of their very own.


Rachel Eleanor